Customers of Raffinerie Heide
Raffinerie Heide supplies companies in northern Germany and around the world

Our customers are predominately based in northern Germany, with 75% of our sales taking place within the region and approximately 25% of our products being manufactured for export. What we supply depends on how the products are delivered and the transport costs they entail.

In our manufacture of products we also focus on the market requirements of northern Germany and the needs of our customers in this region.

Your refinery with
integrated chemicals division

Raffinerie Heide – the refinery with an integrated chemicals division

Our customers include, for example, petrol station operators, mineral oil dealers, independent wholesalers and industrial and chemical processing companies.

The integration of refineries and chemicals enables us to supply not only classic fuel customers, but also chemical customers whose products can be found in many areas of our daily life (plastics, detergents, car tires, etc.).
In addition to olefins (ethylene, propylene), we also produce aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene) as raw materials for the chemical industry.

We supply our mineral oil products to companies based in ChemCoast Park in Brunsbüttel. Some of these are directly connected to us by pipeline or are supplied by us by barge, tank wagon or tank truck.

Our bitumen products are used in road construction and in the roofing trade. An average of 250 tankers with products leave our refinery every day. We are therefore at the heart of the supply of mineral oil products in northern Germany.sind somit ein Herzstück der Versorgung mit Mineralölprodukten im norddeutschen Raum.

Long-term partnerships

Over 70% of our sales are based on long-term contracts. 
For many years we have been supplying the refuelling companies operating out of the Hamburg and Sylt airports with the aviation turbine fuel they need.

Brunsbüttel tank farm allows us to despatch 59% of our production by ship, while 33% is transported by road and the remaining 8% by rail or pipeline.

A reliable partner


We produce and supply oil and petrochemical products which meet the demands of our customers.

We produce and supply oil and petrochemical products which meet the demands of our customers.
We create a win-win situation for both ourselves and our customers by striking a balance between our flexibility and their satisfaction. As a manufacturer of oil products and petrochemical goods, we act both as a supplier of technical goods and a service provider.

Raffinerie Heide, from the Mission Statement