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As the most northern and one of Germany’s most modern refineries, we provide mobility and heat to northern Germany.

Since the 1960s we have worked steadily on improving air quality and reducing emissions at the refinery in order to contribute to environmental protection and climate control.

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Focusing on climate protection and actively shaping the energy transition is our major goal for the future. The focus is on the use of alternative raw materials and renewable energies. Together with our partners, we are working sustainably towards a “green future”.

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is not just a word


our location – our advantage

Mobility and heat
for northern Germany


Specials –
Make suitable for everyday use

At the Raffinerie Heide, crude oil is turned into high-quality products for your everyday life, such as liquid gas, fuels or heating oil. We produce petrochemical products precisely tailored to the regional North German market. These include petrol station operators and mineral oil dealers, airports and local chemical companies. We manufacture around 450,000 tons of petrochemical products every year, which we supply  to the chemical industry as raw materials.

We ensure consistent quality over this quantity by means of comprehensive quality management, which takes into account all procedures, processes and workflows at the Raffinerie Heide, from the delivery of the crude oil to the delivery of the finished product.


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Raffinerie Heide

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Raffinerie Heide employs people in the areas of Engineering & Technology, Production, Plant Technology, Projects, Finance, Purchasing, HSSEQ, Economics, Scheduling, Sales, Distribution Logistics, Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

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