Environmental protection and climate control at Raffinerie Heide: Our commitment to clean water and air

Since the 1960s we have worked steadily on improving air quality and reducing emissions at the refinery in order to contribute to environmental protection and climate control. These include, for example, desulphurisation systems that reduce the sulfur content in fuels.

Through the ongoing energetic optimization of our plants, the refinery has sustainably reduced energy consumption and thus also CO2 emissions. In relation to the period from 2005 to 2020, a progressive reduction made it possible to achieve around 10,000 tons less CO2 per year for the environment.

As a result of our constant efforts, the emissions from the process ovens and the power plant, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, have been significantly reduced. As a result, there are no discernible differences in air quality in the vicinity of the refinery compared to the entire Dithmarschen area.

But our commitment goes even further. We want to play an important role in driving the energy transition forward. Our close proximity to northern Germany’s renewable energy hub is a great advantage.

We guarantee
High quality standards

We guarantee high quality standards in the purification of our wastewater

The process wastewater generated in the refinery is treated in a three-stage wastewater treatment plant so that the treated wastewater meets the strict legal requirements. The treated wastewater is fed into the North Sea via a 12-kilometer pipeline.

high quality standards

„All business is local“

Certified quality at Raffinerie Heide

Constant development and optimisation of products, processes, workflows and structures improves quality

Raffinerie Heide has been part of the international Geneva-based Klesch Group since 2010. The Klesch Group believes in the philosophy that every company must have as much freedom as possible in order to operate successfully on its market.

Our crude oil purchases are made in cooperation with our crude oil traders in London. Thanks to this connection we purchase our raw materials at a global level. In line with the motto that ‘All business is local’, we operate in all other fields as a medium-sized enterprise supplying northern Germany, aligning our production and sales operations with regional perspectives.

Quality assurance through long-term thoughts and actions

We see ourselves as a company that has transparent practices, with a desire for constant self-improvement. Our aim is to cultivate reliable partnerships with our employees, customers and suppliers based on mutual respect and fairness.

Operating a refinery means taking responsibility – responsibility for our employees, for the people around us, for the regional landscape and not least for the practical, reasonable use of oil, a commodity that will become less available as we progress into the future. For this reason we are an active partner in relevant associations:

we are a member of a total of 25 coalitions, including the German Petroleum Industry Association (MWV) and the FuelsEurope umbrella association, its European counterpart, as well as the district fire service association and the supporting initiative for the West Coast University of Applied Sciences.

Long term partnerships


We are proud of the quality of our work.
Quality is not only important in our products but also in our business practices. For us, quality also means processing all orders reliably and on time.

We set ourselves goals and specific steps for their implementation to ensure consistent quality assurance. We have the results of our improvement process audited regularly according to standardised regulations and report the findings.

Raffinerie Heide, from the Mission Statement

Quality Management


We deliver quality
in compliance with high standards

The safety of people and the environment, high quality and information security standards, efficient energy management and climate protection are important to us and are the maxims of our daily work. Our certification in accordance with the ISO standards ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 and 50001 shows how successful we are in this respect.

The refinery also holds ISCC EU certificates for the use of bio-methanol in the MTBE plant and ISCC PLUS for the processing of sustainable naphtha into ethylene, propylene, benzene, toluene and xylene as part of the ISCC sustainability certification system.

Complete analysis of our production processes

The personnel in our in-house laboratory are responsible for the continual monitoring of the production process, from the moment the crude oil arrives to the shipment of the finished product. By regularly taking and analysing samples they ensure that the quality of our products satisfies our customers’ expectations.

We also take great care in our crude oil processing to ensure that the needs of our customers are met in every respect.

Energy management
A measure that pays off

Rising CO2 taxes in the coming years increase the pressure on the greenhouse gas emitting industry.

For this reason, the Heide refinery will now reorganise its energy management in order to work more energy-efficiently in the future and significantly reduce energy consumption.

We have the goal of increasing efficiency by 1% every year.

This means that we are aiming for a long-term reduction in energy consumption of 3 MW. This would put us in the 2nd quartile of the Solomon study compared to other refineries.

We make our contribution to achieving the climate and energy policy goals of the Federal Republic and are part of the network for energy efficiency and climate protection IEEKN.