Raffinerie Heide is a mobility and heating supply partner for northern Germany and is Germany’s northernmost crude oil refinery.

Mineral oil has a long tradition in the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, and in the district of Dithmarschen in particular. After all, oil chalk at first and crude oil later have been extracted and refined here on the North Sea coast for more than 150 years. Each year, Raffinerie Heide processes more than four million tonnes of crude oil at its 134-hectare site in Hemmingstedt.

Meanwhile an outstanding proportion of the petrol and diesel fuel consumed in Schleswig-Holstein nowadays comes from our oil refinery, which in its present form has been part of the Klesch Group since 2010 – but the company’s history began well before this.

Raffinerie Heide as a crude
oil refinery and chemicals company

Raffinerie Heide as a crude oil refinery and chemicals company

Our aviation turbine fuel supplies almost all flights departing from Hamburg Airport, while our heating oil ensures 250,000 homes situated between Flensburg and Hamburg have all the warmth they need.

Nearly 60% of the crude oil is used for fuel production. However, we are also a chemicals company and manufacture around 450,000 tonnes of petrochemical products, which are processed into detergents, tyres and interior panelling for cars by the industrial chemistry.

Our self-image

We guarantee mobility and heat supply for northern Germany.

We see ourselves as a company that has transparent practices, with a desire for constant self-improvement.

We view change as opportunity and are open to suggestions as well as criticism both from within and outside the company.

Further development of our staff, work processes, and products and services ensures the efficiency of our business. In this regard, we pay attention to technical safety and environmental sustainability. As an independent member of the Oil division within the Group, we support the success of all our affiliated companies, customers and employees with our ideas and our willingness to cooperate.

Raffinerie Heide, from the Mission Statement