The Raffinerie Heide fire service We provide preventative and protective fire control on site

The Raffinerie Heide fire service is a full-time professional plant fire brigade, on call 24 hours a day to ensure your safety and ours. Accordingly, as a company in the mineral oil processing industry, which is exposed to more serious risk in the event of a fire, we cannot place our responsibilities the shoulders of the Dithmarschen municipality’s volunteer fire service. For this reason we maintain an accredited and competent plant fire service on site.

Werkfeuerwehr der Raffinerie Heide

Our plant fire service is on call at all times

Our service comprises 26 fully trained professional firefighters, divided into two teams who are on call every single minute of the day.

While on duty the firefighters also actively engage in preventative fire protection and safety activities, such as training our employees in how to operate the breathing apparatus they use.

We also regularly train all our employees in the use of the fire extinguishers on hand throughout the site. 

Daily training as a basis for fire control at the refinery

Training concerning potential hazards forms another part of the daily routine for our fire service. Our training ground is one of the best equipped facilities in Schleswig-Holstein, where hazardous situations can be simulated.

Our facilities are so good, in fact, that the regional Dithmarschen fire service regularly uses them as well as the state fire service training institute, which stages many of its training courses and exercises there as a fixed part of its qualification process.

We are glad to assist in this regard and make our training ground available as often as possible to assist fire services in the region in maintaining their operational readiness.

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