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Environmental protection and climate control at Raffinerie Heide Our commitment to clean water and air

Since the 1960s we have worked steadily on improving air quality and reducing emissions at the refinery in order to contribute to environmental protection and climate control. As one example, we use comprehensive desulphurisation installations, which we are continuously improving. Furthermore, to cut our CO2 emissions we are continually reducing our energy consumption, achieving a reduction in our CO2 emissions of around 5,000 tonnes a year.

In 2011 alone we invested 24 million euros in air quality measures. The outcome of our steadfast efforts to improve air quality is that we can today proclaim that the refinery cannot be detected when air measurements are taken. Readings taken to determine the air quality in the vicinity of the refinery do not produce discernibly different results from readings taken anywhere else in the Dithmarschen area.

But our commitment goes even further. We want to play an important role in driving the energy transition forward. Our close proximity to northern Germany’s renewable energy hub is a great advantage. By utilising excess renewable energy, we want to produce "green" hydrogen via electrolysis, thereby making our contribution to a low-carbon future.
Read more about this on our website www.future-heiderefinery.com.

We guarantee high quality standards when it comes to cleaning our waste water

Every year we generate around two million cubic metres of waste water.
The simplest solution would be to discharge this into the local sewerage system. However, this would impose a great deal of extra work on the local municipality, not to mention the considerable expense of the extra construction and maintenance work it would entail.

For these reasons we have set up our own system.
IA three-stage water purification plant brings our waste water virtually up to drinking water standard, and it is then discharged via a 12-kilometre pipeline directly into the North Sea. Hemmingstedt municipality can thus concentrate on its regional and private consumers rather than having to maintain a sewerage system capable of meeting the needs of a major industrial enterprise.

Furthermore, we take samples every day to guarantee that the water we discharge into the sea is clean.

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