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Die Raffinerie im Sommer

Regional and social commitment: the Raffinerie Heide philosophy Community is close to our hearts

True to our philosophy of taking an active part in local community life we support long-term projects designed to bring truly meaningful social benefits. In so doing we focus on Dithmarschen and Schleswig-Holstein and the people living there.

Knowledge transfer and orders for social and economic development in Dithmarschen and Schleswig-Holstein

Our commitment is apparent, for instance, in our collaboration with Heider Werkstätten (Heide Workshops), a charity providing work for disabled persons with whom we place orders, or in our work with the Heide branch of the workers’ welfare organisation Arbeiterwohlfahrt.

We also support Brunsbüttel’s Wattolümpiade (Mud Olympics) and help the youth fire services at both of our sites as well as the sports clubs our employees have joined. Our commitment is not limited to financial support – we also help with our words and deeds.

We lend our support in particular to projects in which our employees are already involved.

Social groups and neighbours

We actively participate in ongoing dialogue concerning social, political and economic issues that affect us while maintaining a non-partisan stance.

We are available to democratic parties and social groups as a partner for dialogue and actively seek contact with them to discuss those issues which are relevant to us. We see ourselves as good neighbours in the communities in which we operate and actively contribute to the welfare of these communities. We support charitable activities undertaken by employees as much as possible.

Raffinerie Heide,
from the Mission Statement

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