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Chemikantin bei der Arbeit

Products from Raffinerie Heide A constant presence in our day-to-day life

The statistics tell us that every German resident uses an average of 1,900 litres of crude oil a year. This total includes not just the energy we need for mobility and to keep warm but also a proportion assignable to the multitude of products made from crude oil or mineral oil, without which modern life would scarcely be conceivable.

Crude oil products

Although the market for crude oil is global, distributing a refinery’s products is primarily a local or regional business due to the transport costs involved. Accordingly, and in response to market requirements in northern Germany, we chiefly manufacture products from the middle-distillates family. These include diesel, heating oil and aviation turbine fuel,
as well as some 450,000 tonnes of petrochemical products that we manufacture each year and supply as raw materials to various chemical companies.

Raffinerie Heide products from crude and mineral oil include:

  • Liquid gas
  • Fuels
  • Heating oil
  • Bitumen
  • Aromatics
  • Alkenes

All products must be of highly consistent quality according to precisely defined DIN standards. As the basis for our product quality, we implement a comprehensive quality management systemthat covers all of the methods, processes and workflows used at Raffinerie Heide.

The personnel in our in-house laboratory are responsible for the continual monitoring of the production process, from the moment the crude oil arrives to the shipment of the finished product. By regularly taking and analysing samples they ensure that the quality of our products complies with the most stringent standards.

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