Statement regarding the coronavirus

The management team at Raffinerie Heide is closely monitoring developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus. In a specially established steering team, the situation is assessed on a daily basis so that necessary measures for the company can be derived.

Belonging to the crude oil-processing industry that provides mobility and heating, Raffinerie Heide is part of Schleswig-Holstein’s critical infrastructure. As such, we are working very hard to ideally avoid any disruptions to our production operations.

We are currently focusing on two aspects within the company:

  1. Minimising the number of employees – the refinery’s own staff as well as the employees of partner companies – within the Raffinerie Heide grounds. This involves many employees working from home, while the on-site staff are working according to modified work hour and shift models.
  2. Minimising contact between the employees within the Raffinerie Heide grounds. Examples here include rigorous restrictive access to the control rooms and meals now being delivered from the canteen.

Our aim is to prevent the virus from spreading within our company and our immediate environment. This involves not only our employees, but also our partner companies, suppliers and neighbours. It goes without saying that we will act in accordance with the government’s specifications at all times.

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