Anleger Brunsbüttel mit Blick auf Nordsee

Raffinerie Heide – based in Hemmingstedt and Brunsbüttel, Germany

Raffinerie Heide is what is known as a middle-distillates plant,

chiefly producing diesel, heating oil and aviation turbine fuel at our site in Hemmingstedt. This targeted production is made possible by our ultra-modern hydrocracker. With the aid of this highly complex installation we are able to significantly improve the diversity of products yielded by the crude oil.

Twenty-one kilometres of road and nine kilometres of rail track, with a total of 27 switch points, ensure that production and logistics run smoothly at our Hemmingstedt headquarters. More than 500 employees work here, many of them round the clock on a shift system, to ensure that the residents of northern Germany do not freeze or have to limit their personal mobility.

Standort der Raffinerie Heide in Brunsbüttel

Raffinerie Heide’s Brunsbüttel site – the nerve centre for all our markets

Strategically situated right where the Kiel Canal joins the River Elbe, ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel is the largest industrial site in Schleswig-Holstein. Located just behind the lock chambers are our Brunsbüttel tank farm and oil port, Raffinerie Heide’s second site,

while a second port on the River Elbe is connected to the tank farm in Brunsbüttel via a pipeline. Tankers with a capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes can ‘put in’ at Brunsbüttel and pump their crude oil into the vessels on our tank farm. With a storage capacity of 440,000 tonnes and an annual product turnover of 2 million tonnes, Brunsbüttel tank farm forms the nerve centre of our logistics chain.

The installations for unloading crude oil aside, the long-distance transport pipeline from the Mittelplate oil rig also terminates here.

Pipelines – the arteries of our business

which is why our entire logistics chain between the Brunsbüttel tank farm and the refinery also uses both above-ground and underground pipelines. The 32-kilometre distance is bridged by three sections, each comprising three pipelines through which the crude oil is pumped from the Brunsbüttel tank farm to Hemmingstedt for refining, while on the other side the finished product is simultaneously transported back to Brunsbüttel tank farm.

We also have direct connections with our petrochemical customers at ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel, which guarantees a continuous flow of supplies. According to the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) pipelines are one of the safest and most effective ways of transporting liquid products.

On a total of 328 kilometres we move our products and crude oil, but also water and sewage through pipelines and pipes.

We are listed in the pipe information portal ALIZ. For any information regarding pipes please contact this portal

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